Ashby de la Zouch

            Civic Society  

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Our Success  Stories

All due to

public pressure

Stopped plans to build 41 houses  at
Willesley Road.
Stopped housing on Bath Grounds
Now 'Friends of Bath Grounds' 0765 765156
Saved Open Air Swimming baths .
Halted changes to Market Street .
Saved historic porch on Prior Park Road from demolition.

Civic Society
Design Awards
Look for them around the town
New Building Award
Coxons Mews, Lychgate Homes
Restored Building Award
Wetherspoons 'Shoulder of Mutton'
Environmental Improvement Award
Ashby Spa WI garden, Market St

What is the Civic Society?

  • A collective voice to create a town you 

     want to live and work in.

  • Dedicated to shaping the future of Ashby
     and preserving its heritage.
  • A non-political, voluntary organisation.


What does the Civic Society do?

  • Engage with developers and Council with   
     your preferences.
  • Fund town enhancements with floral displays,
     Armiliary sundial and benches.
  • Award plaques for buildings of exceptional
     good design.

Benefits of joining us

  •  Make your opinions matter.
  •  Enjoy monthly Speakers or local visits.
  •  Receive regular newsletters on planning

     proposals and changes to Ashby.

  •  Only £10 a year

      Call Margaret Mabey 01530 412410  

      Email [email protected]

          Local Concerns
     Discussed at our monthly meetings

   Neighbourhood and Local Plans
   3,200 more houses (65% increase) proposed 
   in Plans which affects Ashby for 15/20years.

   Money Hill Development
   Lack of facilities, infrastructure and effect on
   Nottingham Rd traffic of real concern.

   Solar Panels
   Huge solar farms proposed for Ashby
               and many more issues ....