Ashby de la Zouch Civic Society  

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               What is the

            Civic Society?  

The Civic Society provides a collective voice to create a town you want to live and work in. It is a non-political, voluntary organisation dedicated to shaping the future of Ashby de la Zouch and preserving its proud heritage.

             What does the

          Civic Society do?  

Monthly Meetings    

Hear latest planning developments and how changes will affect you.

Have your say on important issues & enjoy an entertaining Speaker or visit.


We have successfully prevented changes to Market Street and housing development on Bath Grounds. Retained the Open Air swimming baths, reduced the number of hot food takeaways & improved parking.

We also have delegates in all the NWL Neighbourhood Plan focus groups.


    Look on the 'Campaigns' tag

           above for full details. 


Town Enhancements  

The Civic Society is involved with floral displays and garden areas; has erected the Armillary Sundial and bench outside the library and funded other improvements around the town.              


Civic Design Awards 

These highly prestigious awards are granted for buildings of exceptional

design, restoration and environmental improvements as shown.

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We were extremely sad to hear that

John White, our former Treasurer, passed away on Saturday 25th June.  John played a pivotal part in the Civic Society, not only as treasurer for many years but also as a relentless campaigner to preserve historic Ashby.

As well as his enthusiasm to recruit new members, the successful campaign to resist unwanted changes to Market Street was mostly due to his personal visits to every shop and business in Market Street to gather support.  He was also instrumental in starting the campaign against closing Ashby Hospital and a prominent member of the WEPA group who prevented Willesley housing plans.

John's energy and love for Ashby was unsurpassed.  Both the town and particularly his friends in the Civic Society will greatly miss this amazing man.

                                           Latest News

    Full details on housing plans, campaigns and social events at our monthly meetings



                                   Local Plan    

                     3,200 more houses in Ashby = 65% increase to town

   Lack of healthcare, education and traffic support makes this Plan unsustainable. 

                                         Thank you for signing our petition.

          The objection papers and your signatures were handed in to Council

    15th August at 5pm.   Further details of the outcome at our monthly meetings.

             This important Plan will affect YOU for the next 15/20 years


                        Money Hill Development

                                                 1,7500 more dwellings in Ashby

                                           The Civic Society objected

                    to the demolition of two houses on Nottingham Road 

                               at the recent Council meeting in Coalville

                   Full details at our next meeting - Tuesday 13th September 


Ashby Civic Society

Design Awards

Winners of the prestigious Civic Society Design Awards were announced with a champagne ceremony at the Vine, Ashby.  Plaques are awarded to promote good building design and civic pride.  Ken Ward, Chairman and Mike Ball, Mayor of Ashby, made official presentations to each winner of the three categories.

Lychgate Ltd received the New Building award for 'Coxons Mews' in Rushtons Yard while Weatherspoons 'Shoulder of Mutton' received the Restored Building award.  Ashby Spa WI won the Environmental Improvement award for their beautiful garden at the top of Market Street.

Thanks to all members of the public who voted from the selection of nominations at the Ashby Arts Festival.  Please look for the plaques as you walk around Ashby.

Plans for Ashby

          See the Local Plan consultation.

          NW website - includes planning in Ashby. Very interesting !

               The Local Plan and the Neighbourhood Plan

                  concern the development of Ashby and district for the next 15-20 years

                Hear details at our monthly meetings or members newsletter.

 Save Ashby Hospital Campaign

      Don't believe it's all over ....The fight continues !

               Click on 'Campaigns' tag for full details            


Plans to build 41 houses at Willesley Road refused.

Click on 'Campaigns' tag for more details

                                                        New Monthly Events

                                                         Details of our amazing Speakers and Visits

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Money Hill Developments

Planning applications and disastrous effect on Nottingham Road traffic.

Click on 'Campaigns' tag for more details.

                                                         Solar Panels

                                                          More huge solar farms proposed for Ashby

                                                          More details at Civic Society meetings


 Civic Society Design Awards


Civic Society

Design Award


Castle Gate House

Bath Street    




Bath Street


Ashfield Into Focus, Nottingham Road.

Cliftonthorpe, off Smisby Road